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AlexKAZAM Gymnastics is designed to help you develop a strong foundation of gymnastics and functional movement. We believe that movement is critical to optimize health and enhance performance. Training with a gymnastics approach can supplement any other sport/discipline with quality coaching.

AlexKAZAM aims to help athletes of all abilities to reach their personal gymnastics goals.  AlexKAZAM provides a comprehensive gymnastics approach evolved from many years of training and coaching experience, and influenced by other great movement specialists around the world.

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Alex's competitive background in gymnastics gives me great confidence that [...] he'll be an excellent coach to assist me as a CrossFit competitor.


Having Alex at our CrossFit gym exceeded our expectations! He hosted a muscle-up seminar for our athletes and a few of our athletes got their very first muscle-up within those four hours!

Erwin Albert, GolderState CrossFit

My mobility is much better, my core is much stronger, and my confidence improved as well. The personalized programming was awesome!

Joyanne Cooper

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