Kazam Gymnastics Membership

Kazam Gymnastics Membership

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The membership charge is $75 every 2 weeks.

The membership allows you to access up to 3 class a week. You have to reserve your spot in the class ahead of time. Registration is open 7 days ahead of the class time. You can cancel a reservation up to 10 hours before a class starts.

The Kazam Gymnastics Membership includes access to all Red and Blue classes.

Please note that the memberships DO NOT include Open Gym. The Ottawa Gymnastics Center has changed their policy in regards to our program accessing the Open Gym.

Insurance fee:

At the time of registration, a $40 Insurance Fee and Facility Improvement fee will be collected. This is a one time payment valid for 1 year from July 1st to June 30th of the following year. The Fees will be collected at the start of the membership term in case the Participant doesn't have an existing active Insurance and Facility Improvement fee.

Gymnastics Fundamental Classes (Red classes):

Movement - Fluidity and body control is the core foundation of Kazam Gymnastics, and everyday LIFE at its full capacity. Consider this class the bottom line of all of gymnastics, and all other classes. The better you move, the better your gymnastics will be. Be ready to crawl, hang, invert, swing, jump, roll, twist, balance, and SWEAT !

Strength - A combination of strength and mobility at full range of motion is the ticket to success in gymnastics. It's time to unlock the incredible features of strength of gymnasts.

Handstands - Why use your feet when you can stand on your hands? In this class you will defy gravity with the basic building blocks to handstand balance.

Mobility & Stretch - With a bulletproof body and a solid posture, you will be ready for anything, anywhere, anytime. With full body mobility and strength in full ranges of motion you will optimize your potential while preventing injuries, and promoting joint health for gymnastics skill development.

Gymnastics Specialty Classes (Blue classes):

Basics Rings Strength - Unlock the incredible features of gymnastics strength on the gymnastics rings to give you a whole new meaning of fitness. This class will focus specifically on the rings.

Tumbling Fundamentals - With a strong base of gymnastics strength, mobility and understanding of positions, you are now ready to flip, tumble and fly through the different progressions of flips, handsprings, walkovers and acrobatic skills. This class will focus on the essential fundamentals of tumbling.

Skills Basics - Put your skills to the test with fun, challenging and clear end goals to your training. Life is meant to be fun and exciting and gymnastics is exactly that.

Gymnastics HIIT - Through high intensity interval training, your will become stronger, faster, and more explosive. Be ready to sweat, grind it out and MOVE.

Additional Information:

  • What to bring: Gym clothes and your game face. Your preference whether you wear socks or go barefoot.
  • Location: Ottawa Gymnastics Centre, 294 Elmgrove Ave, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Z 6V1.