Onset Membership (Compulsory for New Members)

Onset Membership (Compulsory for New Members)

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The membership charge is a one time fee of $250.

The membership allows you to access 1 class of Onset a week. The class day and time is locked in for the entire period of the membership. The Winter session starts on the 2nd of January 2020.


  • This membership is compulsory for all new members!

    Class Description:

    • Gymnastics strength and skills take years to build. Introducing gymnastics to adult life, whether previous experience or not, a progressive and systematic approach is essential to preventing injuries and achieving skills safely. Placing such physical demands on one's body can be stressful, especially when being completely new to this type of training. The goal is not to be an Olympic gymnast, but to be able to move better for life. Success in the gymnastics system for adults is more than achievable with the right steps and precautions in place.
    • As gymnasts, we always come back to perfecting the baseline of basics, in order to achieve the next level of skills. The more loopholes in the basics, the more limited the skills will be. Consider your skill level like a pyramid. The wider you build your base, the higher you will climb. Within the AKG program, we will help you create this foundation. How high you wish to climb, will only depend on you!
    • In this program, step by step we will assess your strength and weaknesses as we cover all the fundamentals of gymnastics. We will discuss concepts of body alignment, strength in full range of motion, joint mobility, gymnastics stretching and injury prevention protocols. You will become familiarized with the environment, gain a basic understanding of technique and positions, and be introduced to the following classes; strength, handstand, movement, mobility & stretch, and skills classes. This program will prepare you for all classes, and guide you in the right direction to begin to unlock your goals.

      Additional Information:

      • What to bring: Gym clothes and your game face. Your preference whether you wear socks or go barefoot.
      • Location: Ottawa Gymnastics Centre, 294 Elmgrove Ave, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Z 6V1.