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Bars Basics

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Please read the pre-requisites before registering for Bars 1:
  • REQUIRED: Completion of the Onset Class.
  • Recommended: Completion of Strength 1 & Handstand 1.
  • Exceptions: If you are experienced/skilled, these are the skills you must demonstrate to Coach Alex to bypass the Onset class. Coach Alex has sole discretion in this matter.


    With the purchase of this class, you get a FREE WEEKLY Open Gym night every week. Regular price is $10.00/night.

    Open Gym nights are a great opportunity to augment your training and charge your progress!


    • Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

    Class Description:

    • All skills classes are 2 hours long.
    • Bars classes are structured with a general warm up, conditioning, skills and drills work, free followed by free time and a cool down stretch.
    • This class is focused on swings, in-bar elements and circles, gymnastics kips, basic dismounts, and basic level bar routines.


    • This class is facilitated by Coach Nat.

    Additional Information:

    • What to bring: Gym clothes and your game face. Your preference whether you wear socks or go barefoot.
    • Location: Ottawa Gymnastics Centre, 294 Elmgrove Ave, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Z 6V1.