Kazam Gymnastics Masters Membership

Kazam Gymnastics Masters Membership

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The membership charge is $75 every 2 weeks.

The membership allows you to access up to 3 class a week. You have to reserve your spot in the class ahead of time. Registration is open 7 days ahead of the class time. You can cancel a reservation up to 10 hours before a class starts.

The Master Membership includes access to all Red, Blue, and Black classes.

Please note that the memberships DO NOT include Open Gym. The Ottawa Gymnastics Center has changed their policy in regards to our program accessing the Open Gym.

Insurance fee:

At the time of registration, a $40 Insurance Fee and Facility Improvement fee will be collected. This is a one time payment valid for 1 year from July 1st to June 30th of the following year. The Fees will be collected at the start of the membership term in case the Participant doesn't have an existing active Insurance and Facility Improvement fee.

Since the masters classes are intermediate in nature, it is important that members meet certain prerequisites so that they get the full potential, and achieve measurable progress. Those attending these classes should either have previous experience in gymnastics or be competent with the Kazam Gymnastics fundamentals, and be able to demonstrate proficiency in the gymnastics movements listed below. 

** If you meet the prerequisites please email Alex to request to access to these classes.

Tumbling - This is an intermediate level tumbling class that focuses on saltos, handsprings, acrobatics and piecing together basic tumbling lines.

Bars - This is an intermediate level gymnastics class that focuses on hang drills, inversions, swings, and in bar elements.

5x Bridge Push Ups
45 Degree Active Pancake
10x Wrist Push Ups
90s HS - Stomach Facing Wall
3x Single Leg Box Squat (each leg)
10x Hanging Tuck Up
5x Rings Tuck Chin up Roll
Straight Arm Backward Roll
Handstand Fall to Bridge

Additional Information:

  • What to bring: Gym clothes and your game face. Your preference whether you wear socks or go barefoot.
  • Location: Ottawa Gymnastics Centre, 294 Elmgrove Ave, Ottawa, Ontario, K1Z 6V1.